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What style of decoration is popular now? Everyone wants to have a perfect family. Of course, the family cannot be separated from the house. Then, everyone wants to decorate their house beautifully and practically. However, there are so many decoration styles, such as simple European style, neoclassical style, American style and so on. Which decoration style you choose is a matter of personal preference. What style is more popular now? Next, I will introduce the popular decoration styles now!

Modern minimalist Design style

Walk in front of fashion

Features of modern minimalist style

Simplicity and practicality are the basic characteristics of modern minimalist style, emphasizing functional design, simple and smooth lines, and strong color contrast.

When decorating, people always hope to reflect a certain cultural taste while being economical, practical and comfortable. The modern minimalist style not only pays attention to the practicality of the room, but also reflects the delicacy and personality of modern social life, which is in line with the life taste of modern people. It also meets the requirements of people to reduce the pressure around them and advocate environmental protection. On the contrary, designers have higher requirements for design skills, that is, they can show a deeper charm in simple decoration, such as cultural connotation and personality characteristics.

Modern minimalist style design elements

1. Shape: with regular geometric shapes as elements, lines mostly use straight lines to express modern functions;

2. Color: use intermediate colors such as black, white and gray as the base color, and express the connotation through color blocks. Warm colors such as orange express the warmth of the home, and red, yellow, blue, green and other relatively jumping and bright colors are improved. sensory stimulation, etc.;

3. Material: glass, metal material, steel structure, etc. to broaden the visual sense and express the harmony of light and shadow.

European classical style

Noble and elegant atmosphere everywhere

European classical style features

European classical style mainly refers to Western classical style. This style emphasizes gorgeous decoration, strong colors, and exquisite shapes to achieve a graceful and luxurious decorative effect.

The top of the European living room likes to use a large light pool, and use a gorgeous chandelier to create the atmosphere. The upper part of the doors and windows is mostly made into an arc shape and bordered with patterned plaster lines.

Two more luxurious Roman columns are erected at the entrance of the hall, and there are real fireplaces or fake fireplaces in the interior. It is best to use wallpaper on the wall, or choose high-quality latex paint to create a luxurious effect. The ground material is preferably stone or floor.

European-style living rooms are very much in need of furniture and soft furnishings to create an overall effect. But it should be noted that this style of decoration will achieve better results in rooms with larger area and space.

European classical style design elements

1. Shape: Different decorative shapes are outlined with European-style arc lines, which are magnificent and elegant.

2. Color: In the color configuration of the space, it is opposed to excessive color rendering. The overall color is mainly composed of calm and atmospheric yellow, dark red and darker tones, and a small amount of white, gold and silver are mixed to make the color look bright and generous, so that the whole space can give With an extraordinary attitude of openness and tolerance, people are not at all embarrassed.

3. Material: Antique floor tiles, European wallpaper, marble and large mirrors are used for decoration, and garlands, bouquets, bows and arrows and shell patterns are widely used, emphasizing the overall characteristics of stable, luxurious and comfortable Rococo style.

Elegance style

Reproduce elegance and warmth

Elegance style features

Elegance is a decorative style with strong cultural taste. It breaks the modeling forms and decorative techniques of modernism, pays attention to the coordination of lines and colors, and opposes simplification; it emphasizes pattern, pays attention to context, and pursues human touch. The composition theory of modeling design absorbs other artistic or natural science concepts, and recombines traditional components to appear in new situations, pursuing taste and harmonious color matching.

Elegance is somewhere between modern minimalism and neoclassical, allowing people to enjoy a more refined life in their taste for detail.

Elegant design elements

1. Shape: Elegance can be simple, with simplified lines, rough volumes, and natural materials, but without the rigidity and monotony of pseudo-simple.

Elegance can be classical, but it is not complicated and serious in classical style, but makes people feel solemn and quiet, and makes people feel spiritually relaxed in the space.

2. Color: The interior color matching is mainly based on harmony, avoid red and purple, mainly light colors, and the color difference should not be too obvious, so that it will look more comfortable.

3. Material: Elegance stems from the quality of materials and the details of decoration. Those finished and polished woods, rich and warm colors and rich fabrics, as well as the combination of delicate black accents and smooth hardwood floors or polished tiles, make the whole living atmosphere full of warmth and highlight the owner’s quality of life. Pursue. The choice between elegant wallpaper and fabric is the real key.

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