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Marble chandeliers, also known as “mermer avize modelleri” in Turkish, are a stunning addition to any interior decor. These chandeliers are widely popular for their elegant and sophisticated appearance. In this article, we will explore the different types of mermer avize modelleri, their style, and how to incorporate them into home decor.

Types of Marble Chandeliers

There are different types of mermer avize modelleri available on the market, each with their unique design and style.

Single-Tier Marble Chandeliers

Single-tier marble chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes, from simple to intricate designs. They typically feature one section of lights that can be made up of various materials such as glass or crystal. The marble base offers a sturdy and elegant support for the lights. These chandeliers are perfect for smaller spaces and can add a touch of luxury to any room.

Multi-Tier Marble Chandeliers

Multi-tier marble chandeliers are perfect for larger spaces such as grand entrances, ballrooms, or luxury dining rooms. These chandeliers feature multiple tiers of lights that give a grand, dramatic look. The marble base provides a strong and stable support for the chandelier. Multi-tier marble chandeliers come in various shapes and styles and can create a statement piece within a room.

Marble Candle Chandeliers

Marble candle chandeliers are a stylish addition to any home decor. These chandeliers are designed to hold real or electric candles, adding a cozy and romantic atmosphere to any room. These chandeliers come in different sizes and shapes and can offer an elegant touch to any decor style.

Marble Pendant Chandeliers

Marble pendant chandeliers offer a modern and unique style to home decor. These chandeliers feature marble pendants that hang from a metal frame, providing a subtle and elegant touch. Pendant chandeliers come in various sizes and shapes and can be hung as a single light or multiple lights together.

Decorating with Marble Chandeliers

Marble chandeliers can be used to create a statement piece within any room. These chandeliers offer a sophisticated and glamorous touch to any decor style. However, it’s essential to ensure that the chandelier is in proportion to the room’s size, and the style of the chandelier blends with the decor.


A small single-tier marble chandelier can add a luxurious touch to the bedroom while providing a soft and romantic ambiance. In a larger bedroom, a multi-tier marble chandelier can create a statement piece, and marble candle chandeliers can add a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Dining Room

Marble chandeliers are perfect for the dining room, creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere during dinner parties. A multi-tier marble chandelier can create a grand statement piece, while a single-tier pendant chandelier adds a modern touch to the decor.

Living Room

A marble chandelier is a perfect addition to the living room, adding a touch of glamor and sophistication. A single-tier chandelier can provide enough lighting, while a multi-tier chandelier can create a bold and dramatic statement piece.


Marble chandeliers, or “mermer avize modelleri,” offer a luxurious and glamorous touch to any home decor. With different types and styles available in the market, one can choose the one that best suits their decor style and room size. When complemented with the right decor elements, marble chandeliers can create a statement piece and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the home.

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