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Shakuff is a company that has been creating unique and stunning lighting fixtures since 1998. The company prides itself on its ability to fuse art and light seamlessly. Shakuff’s designs are one-of-a-kind and customizable to fit the individual needs of their clients. In this article, we will explore the history of Shakuff, their design process, and some of their most breathtaking creations.


Established in 1998 in Brooklyn, New York, Shakuff was founded by Avi Wapni and his wife Staci. Avi had a background in engineering and construction, while Staci had experience in photography, design, and art. They combined their expertise to create a business that would combine art and science, light and design. Shakuff started as a small company, making handcrafted glass lighting fixtures in Brooklyn, but quickly expanded to become a leading lighting design company with clients around the world.

Design Process

Shakuff’s design process begins with a consultation with the client to determine their specific wants and needs. The company offers a wide range of customization options, including size, color, shape, and material. Once the design is finalized, each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans at Shakuff’s studio. The artisans use traditional techniques to create stunning pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

Customization Options

Shakuff offers a variety of customization options for their lighting fixtures. Clients can choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to complement their décor. The company also offers different shapes and sizes of fixtures, including chandeliers, pendants, sconces, and floor lamps. In addition, clients can choose the type and color temperature of the LED lights used in their fixtures to create the desired ambiance in their space.

Notable Creations

Shakuff’s designs have been featured in prestigious locations around the world, such as the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, Canada, and the Conrad Hotel in Miami, Florida. One of their most famous creations is the “Spring Blossom” chandelier, which was commissioned by a client for their home in Beverly Hills, California. This chandelier features more than 3,000 hand-blown glass flowers and leaves, creating a stunning and intricate design.

Shakuff’s dedication to art and light has resulted in some of the most breathtaking lighting fixtures in the world. Each piece is handcrafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that it is both beautiful and functional. The company’s ability to customize their creations to fit the individual needs of their clients makes them a sought-after lighting design company. With a 20+ year history of excellence, Shakuff is sure to continue impressing clients for many years to come.

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