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The Inspiration Behind IKEA’s Art Event

IKEA is known for its stylish and functional furniture, but in recent years, the company has also embraced the world of art. The IKEA Art Event is a project that aims to bring creativity into people’s homes in the form of affordable art pieces and installations. Launched in 2015, the Art Event has featured works from some of the most renowned contemporary artists in the world, including Virgil Abloh, Daniel Arsham, and Iris van Herpen. In 2021, the Art Event showcased a new range of limited-edition wall lamps that double as works of art.

The Design of the Wall Lamps

The IKEA Art Event wall lamps are the brainchild of four up-and-coming designers – Phillippe Malouin, Gelchop, Sabine Marcelis, and Humans Since 1982. Each designer brought their unique style and vision to the project, resulting in four distinct and eye-catching wall lamps.

Phillipe Malouin’s Wall Lamp

Malouin’s design is inspired by the world of fashion and features a translucent fabric shade that diffuses light in a soft and delicate manner. The lampshade is supported by a minimalist and elegant metal frame, which creates a striking contrast with the organic shape of the shade. The lamp comes in two sizes and can be hung individually or arranged in a group to create a captivating installation.

Gelchop’s Wall Lamp

Gelchop’s design is a playful and whimsical take on the traditional wall lamp. The lampshade is made of colorful acrylic panels that resemble a deconstructed comic book. When lit, the panels create a vibrant and dynamic visual experience, adding a touch of fun and creativity to any room. The lamp comes in two designs – one featuring Batman and one featuring Superman – and is sure to delight fans of superhero culture.

Sabine Marcelis’ Wall Lamp

Marcelis’ design is a sculptural masterpiece that combines the organic beauty of glass with the industrial strength of metal. The lampshade is made of hand-blown glass that is shaped into a mesmerizing twisted form. The glass is then suspended in a metal frame, which creates a sense of weightlessness and adds a touch of modernity to the piece. The lamp comes in two colorways – green and amber – and is perfect for those looking for a statement piece that amazes and inspires.

Humans Since 1982’s Wall Lamp

Humans Since 1982’s design is a nod to the beauty of nature and the power of technology. The lampshade is made of soft and silky fiber-optic threads that emit a calming and ethereal light. The threads are arranged in a circular pattern that resembles a hypnotic Sand Circle formation. The lamp is a perfect addition to any living space that seeks to create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere.Conclusion

The IKEA Art Event wall lamps are a testament to IKEA’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and affordability. These lamps are not just functional pieces of lighting – they are works of art that can transform any room into a magical and inspiring space. Whether you prefer the elegance of Malouin’s design or the playfulness of Gelchop’s creation, there is a wall lamp that suits your taste and personality. The Art Event is IKEA’s way of bringing contemporary art to the masses, and the wall lamps are the perfect example of this vision in action.

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