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New trend in 2022 is the new Chinese decoration style.The new Chinese style represents the solemnity and grandeur of Chinese culture, and is suitable for large families.
Today, let me analyze the characteristics of the new Chinese decoration style for you!

The new Chinese decoration style, in simple terms, is to simplify all the furniture designs on the basis of continuing the traditional Chinese style. In the choice of materials, it is not only possible to choose expensive mahogany furniture, but more people start to choose composite furniture with favorable prices, but only add a red coating. In addition, the size of the furniture is also greatly reduced, which can not only meet people’s daily use, but also will not cause a chair to occupy an excessively large area.

Decoration color

The color matching of the new Chinese decoration style is mainly dark, and mostly the primary color of wood material is the main color. This is the color chosen to retain the characteristics of the Chinese style. The Chinese style often uses solid wood furniture, so the new Chinese style retains the main characteristics of the Chinese style.

In the new Chinese style, black, white and gray can also be used for color matching, which can not only show the classical charm but also reflect the modern design. Reasonable color matching can provide the flexibility of the overall space, and such colors all reflect the charm of classical Chinese style.

Decoration culture

The new Chinese decoration style is different from the modern style without history and culture. Because the new Chinese style is derived from the classical Chinese style, the new Chinese style also has a unique cultural background.

The new Chinese style is mainly based on the traditional Chinese classical culture, creating a very romantic and warm atmosphere of Chinese classical style. It uses blue and white porcelain, mahogany or calligraphy and painting to show the unique charm of the new Chinese style.

Decoration style

The new Chinese decoration style is very particular about the layering and jumping of the space. The use of Chinese-style screens, window lattices or solid wood partition technology in places that need to be partitioned, or some simplified Bogu frames are also the main ways of partitioning.

This partitioning method makes the interior space feel more layered. If you add some simple shapes as the basis, while adding Chinese style elements, it also enhances the sense of hierarchy of the interior space, making the overall space large but not empty, small but not crowded.

Decoration design

The design of the new Chinese style pays attention to the smoothness of the lines, and integrates the awareness of carving craftsmanship. The biggest difference from traditional Chinese furniture is that although the new Chinese style has traditional Chinese elements, it is not exactly the same in form and design.

The second creation is based on traditional Chinese elements, and a different form is obtained. . However, in Shen Yun, it is the same as the classical Chinese style. The new Chinese style pays attention to the smoothness of the lines. The carved patterns combine simplicity with complexity and skill, that is, it has a strong modern atmosphere and reflects the skill of carving.

Oriental charm, romantic feelings

No matter how prosperous the city life is, in the heart of every Chinese, there is still a longing for the classic traditional culture of the East, which is a feeling that can never be given up.
From pavilions and pavilions to carved beams and painted buildings, from paper, ink, pen and inkstone to porcelain and play, from poetry and songs to piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, from fragrant tea and spirits to flowers full of gardens. Everywhere is the sentiment of life, is the relic of history. This is the romance of the Chinese people for thousands of years, and it is the oriental beauty that is rich, beautiful and profound.

New Chinese decoration style, do you like it?

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